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Sunday, August 31, 2008


This project was created when my friends and I decided that there were some great roads in California that Top Gear had overlooked in their "World's Greatest Driving Road" segment. We also came together under the common desire to make a film, something we hadn't done as a group for a number of years. We were fortunate enough to have among our group of friends a highly skilled Loyola film graduate pursuing a career as a Director of Photography. His name is CJ Arnesen.

Most of us have finished or are finishing school and we all have different jobs in various fields. Some of us work 9-5 and others work all sorts of odd hours, so coordinating one time that we'd all be available took some doing.

The project was envisioned as a three-day film shoot going up the coast of California, starting in San Luis Obispo. Not having a Top Gear-sized budget, we decided to do it as a "cheap car challenge" and set an arbitrary budget for the cars of $5,000. Not dirt cheap, but not too expensive either -- given our limited time we wanted to be sure we weren't just fixing beater cars for the entire trip, something that could have easily been the case had we gone with a lower budget of say, $1,500. To get everything we'd need in just three days was extremely ambitious and would require us to spend every waking moment working on the film.

Ultimately our shoot was a huge success; we drove some of the greatest roads any of us have ever driven. we met with successes and failures along the way, and encountered challenges, including a very unique race across the streets of San Francisco.

We're now in post-production. Stay tuned for updates.

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