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Thursday, March 26, 2009

We've been blogged! (again)...

We were picked up by another blog, this time one in Belgium!

Check it out here:

My Dutch is a little rusty but here is a rough translation of their review:

"Top Gear's format is a unique concept which cannot be copied," I previously wrote regarding the inferior Australian spin-off of the show. Today I must take back those words, because where a huge budget and a professional television team down under failed, three enthusiastic American fans with simple Youtube film succeeded. In an homage to their favorite car show, they use the tested recipe of the cheap car challenge as the premise for a three-day roadtrip in search of the best driving road in California. Sound camera work, a great premise, but in particular, real emotions and comradery against breathtaking scenery; at last a Top Gear takeoff worth watching as much as the original.